Care farms in the face of rural change and demographic challenges

Project description/ objectves

The general goal of the project "The care farm is an innovative solution of demographical problems which are connected with social ageing and other issues regarding care services in rural areas. The idea of care farm consists in the combination of the multifunctional agriculture with social services on the local level. The aim of the GROWID project is to develop and implement a model of "care farm", which would be acceptable in polish specific legal, demographic, social and cultural conditions. It will be accomplished thanks to completing 5 research tasks and 2 implementation tasks.
Photo showing an old lady looking after plants in the garden.


GOSPOSTRATEG Programme founded by National Centre for Research and Development

Leader/ Consortium Members

Leader: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Consorium Members: University of Agriculture in Cracow, Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Agricultural Advisory Centre Branch Office in Cracow

Total Budget in PLN

4,190,506.00 PLN

Project duration

Project start - 01.01.2019
Project end - 31.12.2021

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Konrad Stępnik, +48 608 467 500

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