YOUng Women grEen Entrepreneurs

Project description/ objectves

YOU_WEEN! aim is to raise awareness of young women living in rural areas and their communities about rural development, inspire them think sustainable and employ entrepreneurial thinking in their daily routines, work and ventures. Project capitalize on personal and soft skills, such as creativity, critical and holistic thinking and confidence to challenge themselves, using ICT and digital skills. The project will address the key competences on the development of entrepreneurial skills, as identified by the EU as the capacity to act upon opportunities and ideas, and to transform them into values for others, working on both young women and youth workers. The project will reach out young disadvantaged women and stimulate their active participation, reshaping the local communities by enhancing their entrepreneurial skills in a sustainable framework, thus addressing their social inclusion and wellbeing and their participation in democratic life.


Erasmus +

Leader/ Consortium Members

AAC Branch in Krakow - project leader  & 6 partners from Italy , The Republic of North Macedonia,  United Kingdom, Greece,   Spain and  Lithuania

Total Budget in EUR


Project duration

Project start - 31.01.2021
Project end - 30.01.2023

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Karolina Boba,

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48 22 729 66 34 to 38




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