Demonstration Farms

CDR stimulates and supports the establishment of the countrywide Network of Demonstration Farms as a model of cooperation between the national Agricultural Advisory Center and regional agricultural advisory centers.

We promote the effective dissemination of knowledge
and experience in the implementation of innovations in agriculture based on mutual exchange of knowledge and experience and peer – to - peer learning of agricultural producers.

We facilitate access to the network of demonstration farms
for farmers, advisory entities, research units, agri-food sector enterprises and other entities interested in implementing innovation in agriculture and rural areas.

Photo showing nefertiti at the fair

Proposed priority topics for the demonstration activities:

  1. Environmentally friendly technologies and technologies counteracting climate change,
  2. Precision farming,
  3. Joint forms of farming (groups of agricultural producers, joint use of machines, sales, supplies, etc.),
  4. Possibilities of engaging farms in renewable energy production (production of biomass for biogas plants, prosumers for farm solutions),
  5. Biological progress in plant and animal production,
  6. Alternative sources of income for farms: processing, educational pens, shortening supply chains.


CDR has been participating in AgriDemo and Nefrettiti projects – for more details go to:


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