Care Farms

The Care Farm is an example of social farming initiative.
The concept has been developed by the CDR branch Kraków team. The care service integrates with  a farm running agricultural activity customized to their needs and abilities. It’s based on the farm's infrastructure and resources, enabling agro-therapy. Development opportunities are sought especially for care farms where services for the elderly people will be provided.

CDR team undertakes extensive activities to disseminate
and promote the idea of ​​care farms through:

  • Organizing training courses for advisers and specialists from agricultural advisory centers,
  • Implementation of national and international projects aimed
    at promotion and dissemination of knowledge, identifying good practices in the country and abroad, as well as creating new educational tools,
  • Participation in conferences, training and workshops, meetings and seminars,
  • Cooperation with researchers through participation
    in thematic working groups and project teams,
  • Publishing publications and information materials.


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