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Supporting innovation in agriculture for better life

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Who we are

Agricultural Advisory Centre in Brwinów (CDR) is the central state controlled unit operating within institutional framework
of the Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
The main aim of the CDR’s activities is to improve the knowledge and skills of
the agricultural advisers as well as to develop
and standardize their services provided to farmers in Poland.
CDR holds legal status of autonomous public institution managed from the headquarters based in Brwinów (near Warsaw) with 4 field branches located in Kraków, Radom, Poznań and Warszawa.

CDR as an umbrella of the national body cooperates with:

  • 16 Regional Agricultural Advisory Centres covering all territory of Poland, employing around 3500 field advisors,
  • The Central Government and Local Authorities and their subsidiary institutions, including state agencies and other public entities supporting development of agricultural
    and rural sector,
  • Sectoral farmers and agricultural producers organisations, rural NGOs and communities representing the key rural stakeholders,
  • Research and educational centres and other institutions actively involved in knowledge transfer aimed
    at agriculture and rural development.


Our Vision

CDR is a national centre for knowledge and innovation transfer
for Polish agriculture and rural areas. CDR is the hub stimulating professional development of Polish agricultural and rural advisors, setting directions for development of modern agriculture, development of farm - based  economy as well as implementation of new socio-economic solutions for rural business.
Our vision is based on an effective support to the Polish agricultural sector and rural areas through:
  • Dissemination of knowledge about effective and sustainable agricultural production, including using ecological methods,
  • Transfer of knowledge between science and agricultural practice, development of a nationwide Network of Innovation in Agriculture,
  • Implementing innovative social and economic solutions
    in rural areas,
  • Practical training enabling skills gain for development
    of on-farm small processing.
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Main Activities

Main areas of CDR activities focus on continuous improving
of quality and facilitating provision of advisory services by field advisors for the benefit of farmers and rural communities.
The service is provided with the growing attention towards effective knowledge transfer between agricultural research and farming practice.

Activities undertaken by CDR:

  • Educational and training activities aimed at professional development of advisory staff
    and of institutions, organisations acting for the development of agriculture and rural areas,
  • Information activities aimed at development, gathering, processing and providing
    up-to-date information necessary for advisory work and its promotion,
  • Dissemination activities on innovative solutions and modern forms of advisory services building professional capacities
    of agricultural advisors and leaders from rural areas,
  • Promotion of entrepreneurship in rural areas, with particular emphasis on the development of agritourism, care farms
    and educational pens as well as coordination of support
    to organic farming.

Training & Education

We improve skills and knowledge of agricultural advisory staff, teachers of agricultural schools, representatives
of agricultural institutions and organizations, local governments, Local Action Groups, farmers and inhabitants of rural areas. Various education forms such as training courses, seminars, conferences, competitions and other forms of professional development are applied.

CDR activity is being carried out through the design, organization and implementation of various forms of professional development being a response to training needs identified by the CDR
and addressed by stakeholder and representatives of agri sector.

CDR is the only institution in Poland authorized to prepare
and conduct the training programs that are the basis for certifying
the qualifications of agricultural advisors
, agri-environmental advisors and environmental advisors.

We have a modern training and hotel base in all units.

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A photo of a group of people attending the conference

Advisory Services


The leading objective of the Agricultural Advisory Center in Brwinów activity is to create up-to-date and effective agricultural advisory system. We achieves this goal by improving the knowledge
and skills of the advisory staff and development and harmonizing
the standards of services provided by advisors to farmers
and residents of rural areas:


  • Designing the countrywide training system developing professional capacities and providing the only certified training courses for around 3500 field agricultural advisors both public and private operating across Poland,
  • Organizing specialized training courses to promote
    an effective use of natural resources and farm-made products, e.g. bio-energy, regional products,
  • Operating as analytical support to the Polish Ministry
    of Agriculture and Rural Development
    in all topics related to agriculture and rural development policy,
  • Providing expertise, analyses and reports of effective
    and diversified agricultural production as well as
    for implementation and planning of the Common Agricultural Policy.


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