Mr Ireneusz Drozdowski

Director of Agricultural Advisory Center in Brwinów.

Mr Drozdowski graduated from the Agricultural Academy in Kraków. He has profound experience of agriculture, farming, rural development and public agricultural advisory services.

His exceptional expertise enables for applying of the innovation solutions in agricultural sector,  and promoting and disseminating of the knowledge transfer in agriculture and rural areas. Actively participated in the implementation of the Innovation Network in Agriculture and Rural Areas in Poland (SIR) implemented under the Polish Network of Rural Areas.

He was professionally committed to development of strategic plans for the development of agricultural cooperatives and marketing groups of agricultural producers in Poland as an expert of the National Council of Cooperatives.



Katarzyna Boczek

Deputy Director of CDR Brwinów.

Agricultural expert with many years of experience in agricultural advisory services and rural development.

Appointed the Deputy Director of CDR by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development in 2016. For many years she has been working in agricultural consulting as, among others, Director of Regional Agricultural Advisory Center in Bielice, Skierniewickie Voivodeship (nowadays Mazowieckie Voivodeship), Agricultural Research and Knowledge Transfer Department in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the National Council of Agricultural Chambers.

She also ran a private consulting company RD Consulting.

Currently Mrs Katarzyna Boczek is responsible for drafting agricultural advisory programmes, implementation of national and international projects related to the improvement of agricultural advisory services, research and development policy regarding  agriculture and rural areas, farmer support services.

Moreover, she works on creating  long-term development strategies for local communities and regions incl. Local Action Groups and Local Fishing Groups.

Mrs Katarzyna Boczek has actively been involved in the development of AKIS in Poland and development  of a nationwide network of Local Water Partnerships.


Mr Krzysztof Janiak

Deputy Director of CDR Brwinów.

Mr Krzysztof Janiak coordinates the implementation of the National Rural Network and Innovation Network in Agriculture and Rural Areas (EIP-AGRI network in Poland). He represents Poland in the EU RDN Sub-group on Innovation for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability.

In the previous EU budget programming periods for Poland he was involved in implementation of the technical assistance of EU Fisheries Operational Programme 2007 – 2013 in Poland and   managing LEADER initiative under EU RDP 2004 – 2006 in Poland.

During the years 2000 – 2005 he worked for the Project Coordination Unit of the Rural Development Project funded by the World Bank which assisted the sustainable development of rural areas in Poland. In 90s he worked for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID/Poland) as project development specialist on a wide range of projects.

He has an extensive experience in cooperation with central administration, regional and local authorities, NGOs and other state and private entities in developing rural areas and agriculture sector in Poland.

The photo with Mrs Jolanta Brudnik

Jolanta Brudnik
Director of the Krakow CDR Branch Office.

Mrs Brudnik has completed MA studies in sociology at the Jagiellonian University and post-graduate studies in pedagogy, career advisory and quality management. Professionally associated with agricultural advisory since 1987.

In his professional work, he specializes on issues related to the professional development of advisers, in particular on the methodology of agricultural advisory services and the improvement of advisory, social and interpersonal skills. She took an active part in the programming and implementation of educational programs related to this subject.

From 2007, as the head of the Consulting Methodology Department, she was responsible for the programming and reporting process as well as the coordination of training activities at CDR Branch in Krakow. Employed as the director of the Krakow Branch from January 2020.

The photo with Mr Mariusz Tabaka

Mariusz Tatka
Director of the Branch of the Agricultural Advisory Center in Poznań.

Experienced agricultural advisor and trainer. Specialist in the field of accounting, finance, economic and financial analysis of farms and the implementation of EU aid programs for agriculture.

Mr Tatka has been working in agricultural advisory since 1992, at the beginning at the Center for Advisory and Education in Agriculture in Poznań, going through all levels of professional development.

From 2000, he was employed as the head of the Advisory Department in Agribusiness at the National Advisory Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, then from 2005 at the Agricultural Advisory Center as the head of the Agricultural Economics Department, and in 2018 he was appointed for the position of the director of the CDR branch in Poznań.

Moreover he is an experienced expert in economic evaluation and author of training materials under the SAPARD pre-accession assistance programs, and the RDP 2007-2013 and RDP 2014-2020 accession programs.

Currently Mr Tatka is the head of the EU projects Component "Integrated Consulting System - Production Economics".

The photo with Mr Henryk Sktónicki

Mr Henryk Skórnicki
Director of Agricultural Advisory Center in Brwinów – Branch in Radom

Mr. Henryk Skórnicki has graduated the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Warsaw Life Sciences, and then completed postgraduate andragogical and pedagogical studies as well as postgraduate studies in Community Agricultural Law at the Institute of Agricultural Law of the Polish Academy Science.

In 1994 he obtained the academic degree of a doctor of agricultural sciences at the Agricultural University in Lublin. From the beginning of his professional career, he has been involved in agricultural advisory, starting work as a district specialist, then promoted to the position of the manager of the district team and ten the Director of the Agricultural Advisory Center branch in Radom.

He completed numerous foreign internships in advisory and agricultural sciences in the Netherlands,  USA and Japan. He worked as an expert in many national and international projects and participated in the work of advisory bodies of the European Commission and EIP Agri.

In 2013, on behalf of Poland, Mr Skórnicki actively participated in establishing the European Agricultural Advisory Association (EUFRAS).

The photo with Mr Paweł Krzeczunowicz

Paweł Krzeczunowicz

Was born in Munich, Germany and educated in the United Kingdom, finishing with an MA in modern languages at Hertford College, Oxford. As of 1996 his professional career has revolved on the management of public funds as part of foreign assistance and cohesion support – be it with USAID in Poland, running the Polish NGO Office in Brussels on behalf of a group of foundations and voluntary associations, or helping coordinate the use of the EEA and Norway Grants in central and southern Europe. After assisting the Polish Rural Forum following his return to Poland in 2015, he joined the CDR’s work to network stakeholders in the areas of rural development and agricultural innovation.


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