CDR Radom

The Agricultural Advisory Centre (CDR) Branch in Radom is one of the five organisational branches of CDR, which plays a leading role in the training of advisers in the field of organic farming and agri-environmental-climate activities in Poland.

The Branch has a Small Practical Training Processing Centre, which provides comprehensive training and workshops in the processing of milk, cereals, meat, and fruit and vegetables at farm level.

In cooperation with many scientific units, CDR Radom conducts experiments and field demonstrations in organic farming.

CDR Radom has a chemical and agricultural analysis laboratory where soil and water laboratory tests are performed.

Every year, several thousand participants take part in training sessions, courses and presentations organised by the CDR Radom Branch.

photo showing the headquarters in Radom

Moreover, the Branch in Radom has a hotel with accommodation for up to 39 beds with its own catering facilities, as well as conference and seminar rooms (3) for an audience of up to 214 people equipped with modern audio-visual and multimedia facilities.

Photo of the interior of the building
Photo of the interior of the building


Agricultural Advisory Center in Brwinów, Radom Branch.

Address: 26-600 Radom, Chorzowska 16/18.
Phone number: 48 365 69 00


48 22 729 66 34 to 38




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