CDR Poznań

The CDR Agricultural Advisory Centre branch, based in Poznań, performs the tasks specified in the Act on Agricultural Advisory Units, with particular emphasis on:

  • the economic and financial analysis of farms and agricultural enterprises, farm development planning, assistance in applying for co-financing under EU aid programs,
  • conducting training sessions and workshops on cross-compliance requirements for farms,
  • the development of comprehensive strategy solutions for digitisation and integration of agricultural advisory units,
  • the development of methodological assumptions for the use of advisory services by advisers and farmers,
  • the implementation of didactic and training projects in the field of farm management.

The CDR branch in Poznań has a fully equipped hotel with accommodation for 30 beds and its own catering facilities, as well as conference and seminar rooms (2) for audiences of up to 50, equipped with modern audio-visual and multimedia facilities.

photo showing the headquarters in Poznań
Photo of the interior of the building
Photo of the interior of the building


Agricultural Advisory Center in Brwinów, Poznań Branch

Address: Winogrady 63, 61-659 Poznań
Phone number: + 61 823 20 81


48 22 729 66 34 to 38




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