CDR Kraków

The CDR Agricultural Advisory Centre, Kraków branch, performs the tasks specified in the Act on Agricultural Advisory Units, with particular emphasis on:

  • Supporting the development of agro-tourism and tourism in rural areas,
  • Supporting initiatives and the activation of local communities in rural areas,
  • The protection of rural cultural heritage,
  • The promotion of regional/ local food products and culinary traditions,
  • Supporting the non-agricultural commercial activity of farmers and their families.
photo showing the headquarters in Kraków

The CDR Branch in Kraków provides effective support aimed at the development of agriculture and rural areas in Poland through:

  • The dissemination of innovative approaches for the development of non-agricultural commercial activities,
  • The implementation of social innovations aimed at combining agricultural activity with social and education activities, e.g. care farms, educational farms,
  • An innovative approach for promoting the cultural heritage of the Polish countryside,
  • The development of cooperation with institutions and organisations at a regional and national level,
  • Knowledge transfer through the joint implementation of international projects.

The CDR branch in Krakow has a fully equipped hotel with accommodation for 42 beds with its own catering facilities as well as conference and seminar rooms (3) for an audience of up to 70, equipped with modern audio-visual and multimedia facilities.

Photo of the interior of the building
Photo of the interior of the building


Agricultural Advisory Center in Brwinów, Kraków Branch

Address: 31-063 Kraków, Meiselsa 1
Phone number: + 12 424 05 00


48 22 729 66 34 to 38




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